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NACAC Commission on International Recruitment

March 7th, 2012

by Jane Shropshire, IECA Member (Kentucky)

Yesterday’s hearing was a fascinating experience, underscoring the complexity and seriousness of the issue of incentive-based compensation in international recruitment. NACAC’s executive director, Joyce Smith, watched the proceedings unfold from a seat toward the back of the gallery and remarked to me that this was what NACAC was all about: members hearing other members, and developing policies in a thoughtful manner.

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NACAC Commission on International Student Recruitment

March 1st, 2012

IECA to Present at NACAC Commission on International Student Recruitment
February 29, 2012

Next week, NACAC’s Commission on International Student Recruitment meets to discuss ethical standards on international student recruitment as it relates to per-student compensation by colleges. IECA Executive Director, Mark Sklarow, has been asked to serve on the commission, which meets March 5 – 6. IECA member Jane Shropshire (KY) has agreed to testify on behalf of IECA. Here is the written testimony Jane sent to the commission.

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