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Summer is the right time to get ahead of the college application process

June 8th, 2021

Summer is here for Kentucky students! Although our advisees in some other regions remain in school a little while longer, I think we’ll all welcome a cleansing exhale following the unusual school year. We hope everyone finds time to enjoy the break from structure that the start of summer brings.

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Rising seniors: after a little break, I highly recommend getting ahead of your college application work, little by little. It can really ease the pressure when fall semester of senior year begins. While specific college questions may not be available until August 1st, you can begin chipping away at the Common App throughout the summer.

Because essay writing is one of the most important aspects of your college application, we encourage students to begin brainstorming and drafting prose in the summer months. Use this time to set the central spirit of your message, which will become the foundation for the rest of your application prompt responses. Most importantly, the stress-free summer months are an ideal time for self-reflection and creativity as you begin this process.

To get started, take a few minutes to read the article below from “The College Essay Guy,” one of the best resources we have found on this topic. You’ll learn what colleges are looking for in an essay, and how this differs from academic essays, i.e. what you would write in English class. I highly encourage you to take time to explore the entire site, as there is plenty of useful information throughout (and much of it free!) .

Article referenced below from The College Essay Guy

What do colleges look for (in a college essay)?

In the long, long ago, when I first started my college applications, I felt a little lost as to what exactly I was supposed to be doing.

What were colleges looking for from me?

Luckily, I’ve spent many, many years since then figuring those things out. And I’d love to share them with you.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The differences between a college essay an English class essay
  • How to show who you are through what you value
  • Qualities of a strong college essay
  • Options for structuring a personal statement/college essay
  • Differences between a personal statement and supplemental essays

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School choice: Students need parents’ encouragement

May 25th, 2021

College and boarding school experiences have an enormous impact on students’ futures, so the search process should be exciting and joyous, right? But sometimes, searching for the right school can create tension within a family. Parents and children may have different goals or interests in mind when beginning the college or boarding school search. Open communication and transparent dialogue throughout the process are key.

Most students who applied to boarding schools and colleges this year already know where they’ll enroll in the fall, yet in some homes the decision wasn’t made easily.

Receiving complete love and support from parents is essential to students. Rick Clark, in the Georgia Tech Admissions Blog, suggests that parents “leave no doubt” that their child understands they now have 100% support in their decision. Clark’s article, referenced below, raises important questions to consider in the coming days, weeks and months to assure your child of just that, no matter where your family is in the search or application process.

Article referenced below from Georgia Tech Admissions Blog, published May 13, 2021 by Rick Clark


Even though Denzel Washington is the undeniable star of Remember The Titans, the film’s title first comes up in a line that Will Patton (Coach Yoast) delivers in the middle of a big game, “You make sure they remember forever the night they played the Titans!”

If this is a movie you have seen multiple times, you may recall that little piece of trivia. But you likely missed two key things: 1- if you pause or slow mo at the 1:05:53 mark, you may recognize the profile of one of the reporters on the stairs (Yep. I made a solid $50 and got a sandwich out of it too, but meeting Denzel was the real perk.) 2- The emphatic statement Patton makes as he sends his team back onto the field immediately following his Titans line: “Leave no doubt!” It was an encouragement and an endorsement. In those three words, he was basically underscoring that he supported his squad completely and  believed in them wholeheartedly. Powerful, right?

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Keep up the momentum as you finish this year strong

May 11th, 2021

Spring semester is an exciting time for high school students, especially in this unusual year. Some of you are even back to enjoying spring sports and looking forward to prom, graduation and so much more! Enjoy every moment, but don’t lose sight of what’s important academically. Finish this year strong, in every sense and in every sphere.

Seniors: your final transcript will be sent to the college you plan to attend and should reflect consistent effort and achievement. Remember that each offer of admission is contingent on continued success! Younger students: your continued motivation will insure that your transcript reflects the best performance you can muster.

Summer is right around the corner; hold on for just a few more weeks and then, I promise you, there will be plenty of time to decompress. In the meantime, we offer the article below to help you manage these final weeks of school.

Article referenced below from Columbia College Hollywood


Whether you’re preparing for your final exams, the ACT, or trying to get a few college applications done, getting motivated can be incredibly difficult. With summer vacation just around the corner, every time you sit down to start your work, you end up daydreaming about swimming, camping, skating, and just hanging out in the sun.

So in the face of this sunny temptation, how do you keep up with your work? How do you finish strong? Check out these six things you can do to stay motivated.

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College enrollment decision day approaches

April 27th, 2021

May 1st has long been considered “National College Decision Day.” While some colleges have decided to extend their enrollment deadline, for many colleges this still marks the final day for accepted students to declare their enrollment intention for the upcoming year.

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Many Shrop Ed advisees have already determined their enrollment choice. But for those still on the fence, this post is for you! Try to reset your thought process by considering what success means to you in the simplest of terms. Purdue University shares an excellent way of framing this concept in their article, “Six Principles of Success,” by Gallup. Take a moment to review and, as you consider the pros and cons of each of your options, ask yourself what opportunities each college is offering that will satisfy the pillars of success as YOU define them.

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