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The Unexpected Schools Championing the Liberal Arts

November 9th, 2015

Last week we spoke about business schools bringing liberal arts into their education programs in significant ways.  This week we share an article authored by Jon Marcus, which calls attention to another group of unexpected programs that are adding the importance of humanities into their education model.  Marcus explores how teaching students to think critically, reason analytically, and express thoughts coherently, mixed with career training, provides a potent recipe for success. Whether heading to a military command post, a responsible position in business, or management of a kitchen, all of these abilities come to bear.

Article Published October 15, 2015

Written by:  Jon Marcus

WEST POINT, N.Y.—Christian Nattiel rattles off the way his course of studies has prepared him for his prestigious role as a company commander in charge of 120 fellow cadets at the U.S. Military Academy.

Nattiel, of Dade City, Florida, isn’t focusing at West Point on military science, or strategy, or leadership. He’s majoring in philosophy.

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