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The Teenager With One Foot Out the Door

June 27th, 2016

The test taking, application and essay writing, and acceptance waiting are over.  Now one of the biggest transitions in a parent’s life is about to take place:  you’ll soon be sending your child off to college or boarding school.  Many parents want to make the most of their student’s remaining time at home, but your child may have other plans in mind.  

This time can feel like you and your family are on an emotional rollercoaster, particularly for older teens heading off to college, but figuring out the psychology behind certain behaviors and how best to approach much needed conversations is important.  Lisa Damour, a psychologist in Shaker Heights, Ohio, recently wrote an article about this very topic to help parents and students make this an enjoyable, rather than embittered, transition.  We hope it will prove helpful in your household as excitement and apprehension build prior to the start of the next academic year!

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