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How to Live Wisely

August 4th, 2015

Have you ever thought about what you really want out of life?  How your everyday decisions help you reach your ultimate goal?  With the school year right around the corner we have been talking a lot about how to prepare for a successful year.  This article from the New York Times highlights how one well-known university is helping first-year students share ideas and think critically about life choices aligning with life goals.  So start thinking – do you live wisely for the life you want?  

Article published July 31, 2015

By:  Richard J. Light

Imagine you are Dean for a Day. What is one actionable change you would implement to enhance the college experience on campus?

I have asked students this question for years. The answers can be eye-opening. A few years ago, the responses began to move away from “tweak the history course” or “change the ways labs are structured.” A different commentary, about learning to live wisely, has emerged.

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