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Evaluate a global university from afar

November 7th, 2016

In the midst of application season, it’s easy to be so task-focused that we lose excitement for what the next step is all about.  Yet college is exciting!  It is, above all, a place where you will build your future and expand your worldview.  Most of our students choose a college away from home so they can be challenged by different experiences; some students choose to be even more adventurous and attend a school outside of their home country.

Although contemplating a school outside of the country may be an excellent choice, there are some factors to take into consideration.  It may be difficult to visit all of the international universities that you would like to, or you may not be able to travel abroad at all before making your final decision.  According to Anayat Durrani, author of the article we’ve linked to today, there are some great ways to assess colleges overseas without visiting in person.  We might add that as is so often the case, the advice in Durrani’s article is also highly relevant to families considering boarding schools outside of their home countries.

Article below published October 25, 2016

Written by:  Anayat Durrani

When Singaporean-French student Claire Deplanck and her parents began researching potential universities abroad, they used all available resources – and did so from their home in the Philippines.

Not all prospective international students have the luxury of visiting university campuses abroad. They have visa issues to contend with, as well as time constraints and travel costs. But there are other ways to adequately assess a university without visiting.


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