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Dreaming of warm summer days…

January 4th, 2022

January 1st marks the date when people all over the world make a list of resolutions for the upcoming year: go to bed earlier, begin a new workout routine, etc. Sound familiar? What if this year your resolutions were more connected to educational goals in order to expand your interests? Warmer days may seem like a lifetime away, but it is never too early to get a head start on planning for summer activities that will help you achieve those goals.

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The long break in school is the perfect opportunity for students to find activities that promote personal growth and satisfaction. Whether you participate in volunteer opportunities, a part-time job or take a college course, try to create a balanced yet rewarding experience. Even if your summer plans are not academic in nature, there is still value in sticking with something that increases maturity, self-discipline and potential for college success.

Our friends at College MatchPoint have published a great resource that will help you determine the right opportunity for a positive impact this summer. This summer planning guide linked below offers excellent advice as well as a worksheet to help you accomplish your goals for summer 2022. I can’t wait to hear what your plans will be!

Article linked below from College Match Point: Guide to Summer Planning 2022


For many of today’s college-bound high school students, summer is
no longer nine weeks of total relaxation, but rather an opportunity
to spend time actively working, learning new skills, or diving deeper
into an area (or areas) of interest. Summer is the perfect time to
take calculated risks that push students into unfamiliar situations,
build skills, and enrich life experiences. Planning is the key to finding
the most rewarding experience.

We encourage students to consider what they enjoy, what areas they
could improve in, and what their goals for the future are in order
to decide what to do over the summer. With any activity students
choose to participate in, there should be opportunities to help
them learn more about themselves by expanding their interests,
gaining new experiences, or taking on responsibilities. Whether or
not it’s going to help in the college process should be secondary to
having a good growth experience.

While we don’t quite know what this summer might look like, the
summers of 2020 and 2021 showed us that students will be able to
find activities that work in a virtual environment, and in doing so,
they’ll learn more about themselves. With some creativity, they can
find new ways to engage in their interests and develop new skills.
Bonus points if they make a positive impact on others in their
community in the meantime.

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