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College Students: These Soft Skills Lead to Academic Success

July 31st, 2015

Last week on the blog we discussed the importance of using reflection and mindfulness to help set new goals as the school year approaches.  We also believe that developing skills such as organization, time management and teamwork will help you become the best student you can be as well as a successful college candidate.  In the article linked below Cathryn Sloane gives some specific examples of how these “soft skills” have worked for others.  We hope this article might spark some inspiration in your thoughts for how to proceed with the upcoming academic year.

Article Published November 17, 2014

By:  Cathryn Sloane

The growing importance placed on soft skills both in education and in the workplace is affecting the way students prepare for college. While standardized testing is still competitive and hard study skills certainly remain in play, high school seniors should make sure to also hone the soft skills that can improve the way they approach their work and their interactions with others.

These help students present themselves as winning candidates on their college applications and ensure they are equipped to handle the new challenges college throws at them. A few current college students reflected on how soft skills helped them remain successful when they ran into challenges.

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