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Campus Revisits Spark Enrollment Choice

March 14th, 2016

Congratulations! All of your time spent researching schools, filling out applications and studying for standardized tests is beginning to feel like the distant past.  It is now time, or in some cases nearly so, for decision letters to roll in.

You may have a tough decision to make or you may know exactly where you want to go. Either way we highly encourage you to take one last visit to your top choice(s) with a fresh pair of eyes. In this Teen Life article Suzanne Shaffer highlights several things to consider when revisiting a college to make sure that that it is the right fit for you.

It’s good advice for boarding school revisits, too!

 Article published February 19, 2014

Written by:  Suzanne Shaffer

After receiving offers of admission from multiple colleges, students and parents wonder how they will choose. If you’re uncertain, and even if you’re not, the best thing you can do is revisit the colleges on your list of acceptances. Since college is a major purchase and a 4-year commitment, it makes sense to go to the respective campuses one last time before making your final decision.

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