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Business Schools Give Undergraduate Programs a Liberal Arts Twist

November 2nd, 2015

Many business schools are taking a new approach in preparing their students for the future, and this idea is gaining traction across the country.  Not only do these colleges want to prepare students for their future in the world of business, but the goal is to broaden their learning and deepen their understanding of the larger world around them.  These schools believe that improving social skills and critical thinking along with the basics of business school will help students set themselves apart when seeking employment at the end of their college education.

Many corporate CEOs have undergraduate degrees from liberal arts colleges, validating this movement among business schools today.  Writer Cathy Gandel does a thorough job in this article, identifying what specific schools are doing to improve their business school model for maximum impact in today’s society.

Article Published September 9, 2015

Written by:  Cathy Gandel

It used to be that the typical undergraduate business school program stuck pretty closely to a narrow curriculum heavily weighted in management, sales and finance, or “learning how to do business,” says Jim Otteson, executive director of the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism at Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

Many schools still do stick to that script. But beyond making sure future moguls leave with all the necessary nuts and bolts, there’s a movement gaining ground to equip them with a much broader skill set and the bigger picture.

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