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Boarding School: Single-gender, or co-ed?

February 22nd, 2016

Some students and parents know that an all girls’ or all boys’ school will be the best bet for boarding school. In these cases, we love to help them zero in on the subset of schools that can provide the best fit and help them explore what each school has to offer.

Yet our boarding school searches don’t always begin with the knowledge that single-gender will necessarily be better than co-ed; often, we encourage families to explore schools of both types. Through careful research, campus visits and much thoughtful family discussion, students and their parents decide over time which setting will be best.

Families currently awaiting March decision letters may find these links helpful as they weigh the benefits of single-gender education:

– National Coalition of Girls’ Schools:

– International Boys’ Schools Coalition:

Our fingers are crossed in hopes that our students will receive good news from the schools they’d like to attend, whether co-ed or single-gender. Our best wishes to all! We look forward to your updates and helping you sift through options.

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