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Words of wisdom from a boarding school student

August 15th, 2016

Often we post articles intended for college applicants, knowing that they also have great relevance for our boarding school families. Today, we offer the reverse: an article written for students heading to boarding school, but with great relevance for college-bound freshmen.

Students, our best wishes go with you to your boarding school or college and we’d love to hear from you in a few weeks or months. We’ll be eager to hear of your experiences, and to know if these tips prove helpful.

Published August 18, 2014

Written by:  Stephen Gray Wallace

Several years ago, I contributed to a book titled Where Should I Sit at Lunch? The Ultimate 24/7 Guide for Surviving the High School Years (McGraw-Hill, 2006) by Harriet S. Mosatche and Karen Unger. Covering more than the classic cafeteria dilemma, the real-life stories of teen collaborators offer guidance on a host of other issues, such as peer groups, homework, part-time jobs and colleges.

As difficult as the transition to high school might be, it may be amplified for young people leaving home for boarding – or independent – school. And, while I serve a number of national organizations as a “parenting expert,” I never attended school away from home. Thus, I turned to a real expert, John Calicchio.

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