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Thinking about applying Regular Decision to Tulane? Think again!

July 5th, 2022

After developing a balanced college list, the next step and some might argue one of the most important is deciding whether to apply Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision. Fully understanding the different application options is key to managing your college application process.

Capture Tulane: Image via Inside Higher Ed

The headline of the article linked below may have some readers wondering if applying Early Decision is a must. It is true that some colleges value ED applicants more than others, but ED is only for students who feel 110% certain that they’d be thrilled to enroll if admitted, as it is an ironclad commitment. Do not pursue an ED path for purely strategic reasons.

Early Action, however, particularly if the plan has no restrictions, feels to me like the applicant’s friend. Students aren’t obligated to enroll if admitted; they may continue other applications and wait to compare offers before making an enrollment choice.

How can you know whether colleges value ED and EA applicants? Research acceptance rates for ED, EA and RD, as these numbers are useful when trying to understand how the odds of admission can change depending on the plan selected. Looking at the percentage of entering first-year students admitted via ED is also telling. What you’ll learn about Tulane in the article below may surprise you.

Article linked below from Inside Higher Ed, written by Scott Jaschik published on June 27, 2022

Tulane Admitted Two-Thirds of Students Through Early Decision

Tulane University has become more and more popular with applicants in recent years. Last year, Tulane received more than 45,000 applications, a record, which was 55 percent more than the university received five years earlier.

Last year, the university announced that half of the students who enrolled applied early. At the time, President Michael Fitts said, “While many universities have pared down their expectations and ambitions during the pandemic, Tulane continues to perform at an extraordinarily high level in all areas, including attracting the best and the brightest young scholars from around the country.”

Tulane launched early decision in 2016. This year, the numbers of applicants and early applicants (Tulane has two early-decision programs) were even better than last year.

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