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The lowdown on college honors programs

August 31st, 2021

As the college application season rolls on, you may be considering whether to apply to an honors program. These programs give eligible students a chance to participate in what is typically an intimate and more rigorous educational environment. We encourage highly motivated students to explore carefully, as honors programs can be rewarding but are not the only option if you are looking to benefit from an advanced academic track.

The process for applying can vary: some colleges expect students to seek out the honors program at the time of application while others, upon admission, will identify and invite a select group of high achieving students.

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As with any important college decision, there are advantages and disadvantages to understand and weigh carefully. The article we share today gives a more detailed look at college honors programs, and explains the process most schools follow for acceptance. If you think you meet the academic profile of an honors student, we hope this information helps generate the right questions to ask yourself and discuss with your parents as you assess your own fit for an honors program.

Article referenced by Studentcaffe Blog, written by Katelyn Brush, published on March 27, 2016

An Inside Look at College Honors Programs: Pros and Cons

Honors programs are designed to give excellent students additional educational opportunities. These programs are challenging on purpose. They encourage students to push themselves academically and personally. Students in an honors program often form small communities on campus. They may live together in an honors dorm or take special classes together.  

If you are a prospective college student interested in applying to a specific honors program, study the fine print first. The curriculum and requirements of honors programs will vary college to college. In your search, you will find that most honors programs genuinely want to support high achieving students. Up for a challenge? By all means, proceed.

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