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The beginning of school and the importance of a mental health check

August 16th, 2022

Starting the school year can come with great excitement while also leaving some students overwhelmed or anxious. Navigating through these complicated feelings can be challenging, but it’s oh so important to keep your mental health in check. Practicing self-care and keeping the lines of communication open are just the tip of the iceberg for a healthy state of mind.

Image via New York Times

The article linked below from The New York Times provides a mental health checklist for students. This article is especially helpful for those going away to college. Locating the appropriate resources now is a proactive way to plan in case there is a need in the future. Although this article is written specifically for college students, it is a reminder to us all that it is okay to ask for support and make sure we are making healthy choices to keep our emotional well-being balanced.

Article linked below from The New York Times, published July 8, 2022 written by Christina Caron

Before Heading to College, Make a Mental Health Checklist

As fall approaches, new students will arrive on college campuses toting all kinds of things: luggage and school supplies, mini fridges and sports equipment. But in the midst of the preparation for move-in day, many have not considered what tools they will need to support themselves emotionally.

In other words, what can they do to protect their mental health?

In a 2017 survey of more than 700 parents and guardians, over 40 percent said they did not discuss the potential for either anxiety or depression when helping their teenagers prepare for college or postsecondary school. In addition, most of the caregivers said mental health services on campus were not a priority when choosing a school.

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