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Teaching and learning: more precious than ever before

September 15th, 2020

Colleges and boarding schools create connections unlike anything else. Living, working and playing together for four years often builds some of the strongest and longest friendships that most people experience in their lifetime. Unsurprisingly, the global pandemic has left many college and boarding school students wondering if their experience will be the same.

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The article referenced below from Inside HigherEd shares the positive side of the return to college campus for many students, and we’re hearing similar reports from boarding schools. The gratitude and appreciation students are feeling to be back, even with new campus guidelines regarding Covid-19, are remarkable. Now, here’s hoping everyone remains healthy and those warm feelings last!

Article referenced below from Inside HigherEd, written by Austin Sarat on September 3, 2020

Believing in Our Students

Across the country, students are returning to campuses now coping with the fallout of COVID-19. They are eager to recapture as much of the college experience as they can and to reconnect with each other and the faculty members who teach them.

They want to talk about what they are feeling as they start this unusual academic year. At the small liberal arts college where I teach, the first days have been filled with many such conversations.

During one of those talks, a sophomore I had in class last year wanted to touch base and chat about the pandemic’s challenges and the way they are playing out for both of our families. She told me about doubts she felt over the summer about returning to campus and her worry that coming to school with all its new restrictions would be “odd and uncomfortable.”

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