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Senioritis can affect us all!

April 12th, 2022

Spring is in the air and that little taste of summer can seriously affect our motivation as the school year winds down. In this final stretch, many students are feeling a bit of burnout. So much excitement lies ahead as summer is right around the corner, making it difficult for many students to focus and persevere to the end of the school year.

Senioritis is a term all too common for seniors as their high school career nears an end! However, that same lack of focus as the weather warms is commonplace for adults and students of all ages. The article linked below from The New York Times, although written several years ago, is full of great advice and we know this will inspire students to finish the year strong!

How to Cure the New Senioritis? Make Yourself Your Senior Project

As most college-bound high school seniors learn where they’ve gotten in and decide where they’re going, many feel that the pressure is off. Whether they are celebrating acceptances to their dream schools or coping with rejections, nearly all realize at this point that the die has been cast: The push for high school grades that used to drive everything suddenly matters much less.

“Senioritis” used to have positive connotations for students. It meant coasting through their last semester in high school in anticipation of college entry in the fall. Today that mood has shifted. Many students — and their parents — have been driven to believe that high school is merely a four-year audition for the right college. A result? Eighteen-year-olds who feel their lives are not really driven by them.

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