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Selecting high school courses

April 17th, 2017

Our blog has placed a lot of focus on high school seniors lately as they wrap up the college search process and make major decisions about their academic future.  This week, we turn to important decisions high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors will soon be facing, selecting courses for next school year.  The high school transcript is the most important document that college admissions officers examine, and on today’s blog we find out how to make your transcript the best it can be.

In the article we share below, posted from the Yale admissions office, insight is given into what Yale admissions officers are looking for.  We believe this will help Shrop Ed readers understand what other schools seek, as well.  Important take-away from this article:  challenge yourself as much as you can, while taking classes that you will excel in and enjoy.

Article published below from Yale Admissions Office website

Many high school sophomores and juniors (and their parents) want to know what courses to take to improve their chances for admission to Yale and other highly competitive colleges. With the caveat that every situation is different, here is some advice to help guide you as you make these decisions.

A Holistic Approach to Admissions

The high school transcript is almost always the most important document in a student’s application. But it is hard to conceive of a situation in which the appearance (or absence) of any one particular class on a transcript would determine the applicant’s outcome. The admissions committee does not make its decisions based on a piecemeal review of an applicant’s recommendations, test scores, activities, or individual elements of a high school transcript. It considers each application as a comprehensive picture of that student.

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