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School choice: Students need parents’ encouragement

May 25th, 2021

College and boarding school experiences have an enormous impact on students’ futures, so the search process should be exciting and joyous, right? But sometimes, searching for the right school can create tension within a family. Parents and children may have different goals or interests in mind when beginning the college or boarding school search. Open communication and transparent dialogue throughout the process are key.

Most students who applied to boarding schools and colleges this year already know where they’ll enroll in the fall, yet in some homes the decision wasn’t made easily.

Receiving complete love and support from parents is essential to students. Rick Clark, in the Georgia Tech Admissions Blog, suggests that parents “leave no doubt” that their child understands they now have 100% support in their decision. Clark’s article, referenced below, raises important questions to consider in the coming days, weeks and months to assure your child of just that, no matter where your family is in the search or application process.

Article referenced below from Georgia Tech Admissions Blog, published May 13, 2021 by Rick Clark


Even though Denzel Washington is the undeniable star of Remember The Titans, the film’s title first comes up in a line that Will Patton (Coach Yoast) delivers in the middle of a big game, “You make sure they remember forever the night they played the Titans!”

If this is a movie you have seen multiple times, you may recall that little piece of trivia. But you likely missed two key things: 1- if you pause or slow mo at the 1:05:53 mark, you may recognize the profile of one of the reporters on the stairs (Yep. I made a solid $50 and got a sandwich out of it too, but meeting Denzel was the real perk.) 2- The emphatic statement Patton makes as he sends his team back onto the field immediately following his Titans line: “Leave no doubt!” It was an encouragement and an endorsement. In those three words, he was basically underscoring that he supported his squad completely and  believed in them wholeheartedly. Powerful, right?

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