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One Scholarship, Two Degrees: Academic Fast Track

January 2nd, 2017

Competition for athletic scholarships is fierce.  Coaches often seek high-achievers in both sports and academics.  If you’re among the lucky few, why not maximize the benefits of this reward?  Fordham women’s basketball coach Stephanie Gaitley encourages her athletes to do just that.  While providing a premier basketball program, she also wants her players to succeed in other areas.  To find out how Coach Gaitley’s women’s basketball team is being inspired to receive more than one degree while playing, read this interesting article we linked below, posted in the New York Times.  

Crucial takeaway:  this article has broader implications for all students seeking to maximize their college years, not just college athletes!

Article below published on December 17, 2016

Written by:  Juliet Macur

When Coach Stephanie Gaitley is out recruiting for her Fordham women’s basketball team and sitting in the living rooms of potential players and their parents, she gives an unconventional spiel.

Gaitley tries to sell the teenagers on taking extra classes when they arrive on campus, to go beyond the workload of even above-average college students. Classes, classes and more classes. In basketball season and out. In summer, when their peers had gone home. Even at times that might interfere with working out.

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