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New SAT: The verdict is…

May 2nd, 2016

If you haven’t heard, there is a new, redesigned SAT.  Maybe you’re among those planning to take it this Saturday!

This test underwent many changes before its rollout this spring, possibly the most changes ever made to the SAT.  The purpose for these adjustments is to reflect the reading and math content that students learned in high school and will learn in college. In other words, it’s a little more like the ACT than it used to be.

Some of you may have taken the first round of this exam in March, while many of you may be sitting for the exam this coming weekend.  Whether you decided to take the SAT or not, we thought it might be beneficial for you to read what the first round of students taking the exam experienced.

In this article, Kelly Wallace breaks down important information taken from the Kaplan Test Prep survey given to those who completed the new SAT.  We’ll look forward to hearing from Shrop Ed students about their individual testing experiences this weekend, too.

Article published:  March 7, 2016

Written by:  Kelly Wallace

(CNN) – If you heard a mysterious sound last weekend, it was probably the collective exhale from nearly 300,000 students across the country, relieved to be finished with the SAT — a new version that had undergone its biggest changes in a decade, maybe ever.

The new SAT test, administered for the first time on Saturday, was designed to better reflect what students are learning in high school and will be required to learn in college, according to the College Board. The changes included eliminating the vocabulary section, making the essay optional, removing the penalty for guessing, and focusing on the areas of math that matter most for college readiness, the College Board said.

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