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Master the College Video Admissions Interview With These Tips

July 14th, 2015

Can’t make it to a college campus, due to time, distance and or expense?  Many colleges and universities are using video formats such as Skype to conduct admissions interviews now, allowing admissions officers to have one-on-one face time with prospective students who are unable to travel for an in-person interview.  We liked the way Bradford Holmes highlighted several important things to consider when planning an interview via video communications.

Article published January 19, 2015

By:  Bradford Holmes

An increasing number of colleges and universities are turning to video communications services like Skype to conduct interviews with prospective students. Video interviews combine the convenience of a telephone conversation with the face-to-face experience of an in-person discussion. If you will be participating in a video interview this year, check out these ways to help you wow the admissions representative.

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