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Linking your college education to a career

June 26th, 2015

As you head to college this fall there are big decisions to be made.  What dorm should you live in?  Should you rush a fraternity or sorority?  Should you play sports or get involved in extracurriculars?  An even bigger decision to ponder as you enter college….what should you major in?

At Shropshire Educational Consulting, we urge students to take advantage of the breadth of academic opportunities available to undergraduates.  Develop an academic focus, certainly, and be mindful of post-college goals.  But don’t wear blinders, as the communication, analytical and creative skills that a broad undergraduate education fosters will serve you very well throughout the course of your career.

In this article, Gerald Bradshaw explores changes in our economy and what they mean for your future career options.  Good food for thought.


June 11, 2015

By:  Gerald Bradshaw

My role as a college admissions consultant has increasingly taken on a career-advising focus. Students today want to know what to study as well as where to pursue their degrees.

The globalization of the economy and the shifting of our manufacturing base overseas has meant that many students are worrying about their career options. They want to know where they will fit in.

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