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Is superscoring the ACT right for you?

June 22nd, 2021

If you aren’t sure exactly what superscoring means, you are not alone. Which colleges allow it? How will it impact application review? Questions abound.

Image via Compass Education Group

So what is superscoring? It is the average of your best scores from each section taken from multiple test attempts. The big news as of April 2021 is that the ACT will now offer superscore reporting.

Understanding the superscore and how it can work in your favor for admission purposes as well as merit based aid will only help you along the way. The article linked below from Compass Education Group, gets down to the nitty gritty to help parents and students navigate this option.

Article referenced below from Compass Education Group, written by Art Sawyer, published on April 20, 2021

The Complete Guide to ACT Superscoring

When ACT announced Superscore reporting and Section Retesting in the fall of 2019, it had no way of knowing that a 2020 rollout would be upended by a pandemic. Superscore reporting finally became available this month (April 2021), whereas Section Retesting is still on hold. Compass covers how students can evaluate and order the Superscore report and what information colleges actually receive and use.

Sending a Superscore report does not mean that a college will superscore!

ACT is heavily promoting the new reporting option. Students with more than a single test will be greeted with superscores whenever they log in to, and a banner lives at the top of almost every page. ACT’s enthusiasm, though, has not yet translated into more colleges announcing superscoring. You can find the current policies of hundreds of schools at Compass’s Superscoring and Score Choice page.

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