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Is Need-blind Admission Honorable?

October 20th, 2015

The need-blind admission policy has long been considered the gold standard for selective universities, as this approach means that a college or university will look solely at a student’s talents without regard for their ability to pay for college tuition.  But is this sufficient to diversify student populations socioeconomically?

Adam Falk, president of Williams College in Massachusetts, offers a different viewpoint on what need-blind means to the Williams community: he feels it’s the wrong ideal to target, as it may leave many outstanding students unidentified.

At Shrop Ed, we continue to believe that a need-blind approach is both equitable and desirable.  We also believe, as President Falk suggests, that colleges should reach intentionally across the socioeconomic spectrum to identify talent, and fund appropriate students according to their need.

Click on the article link below to find out why President Falk believes that need-blind admission is a “narrow and misleading construct.”  Then let us know what you think.

Article Published October 12, 2015 

Written by:  Nick Anderson

Prominent colleges are debating how to recruit and enroll more students from low-income families. That led recently to the emergence of a coalition of more than 80 big-name schools that wants to create a new application process with a stated goal of finding disadvantaged students with academic talent.

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