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Goldman Sachs video interviews help cast wider net

August 1st, 2016

Edith Cooper, Goldman’s global head of human capital management said: “We want to hire not just the economics or business undergraduate but there is that pure liberal arts or history major that could be the next Lloyd Blankfein.”

Goldman Sachs, a multi-national investment banking firm, is now using video technology to improve the way they hire candidates.  Goldman has for many years hired college students for summer or full-time positions after graduation.  They typically limited their recruitment to about 400 colleges and universities with on-campus interviews.

Now, Goldman plans to open their search globally by using video interviews, hoping to gain more diverse employees with a wider range of backgrounds.  It’s nice to think that our Shrop Ed Skype meetings may prove an excellent training ground for such interviews.

Will other major companies follow, and will undergraduates everywhere find that they have greater access to high-powered career opportunities?  Today’s digitally savvy students are very well poised to capitalize on this trend, if so.

Article published June 24, 2016

Goldman Sachs is scrapping face-to-face interviews on university campuses in a bid to attract a wider range of talent.  The US investment bank will switch to video interviews with first-round undergraduate candidates from next month.  Each year the bank hires about 2,500 students as both summer and full-time analysts.  Goldman hoped the move will allow it to find students from a broader range of disciplines.

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