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Get On Board: Boarding Schools, a Great Alternative to Local High Schools

September 25th, 2015

I’ve visited several excellent boarding school campuses this fall and returned energized by the marvelous programs and individuals encountered. These visits make me want to relive my own high school years, this time spending them in a boarding environment (I loved my summer at Andover after 10th grade, but returned home to my public high school outside of St. Louis).

The opportunities for mentoring are extraordinary; the combination of structure alongside responsibility taken on by students provides tremendous opportunity for growth; the sense of gaining independence from home in a healthy way while becoming part of a larger, extended family comprised of students, faculty and staff is excellent preparation for life as a young adult.

Many schools communicate their philosophy in a compelling fashion; one of the schools that I visited recently, Blair Academy, describes the hallmarks that define their school quite clearly. Although this link takes you to Blair’s site and the seven principles undergirding their school’s community, these principles also undergird all excellent boarding school communities. If you’re considering boarding school for your child, I hope you’ll take time to explore this site and gain a fuller understanding of why the experience can be not only beneficial but exceptionally rewarding for students fortunate enough to have such a choice.

Published by Blair Academy in 2010

The Seven Principles That Define a Blair Education were written in 2010 as part of the School’s strategic planning process. The entire Blair community – faculty, students, trustees, parents and alumni –helped to inform and shape these principles.

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