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Flexibility and creativity: the college admission process in unusual times

April 14th, 2020

The need for social distancing has thrown a wrench in so many plans for high school students, from prom to class trips and graduation. It’s both reasonable and healthy to mourn the loss of these milestones, as the spring and summer events anticipated have completely changed and a wide range of emotions come along with that.

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Don’t let this take away the entirety of your high school experience, though. You’ve each been on a journey of learning about yourselves, which has helped shape your future plans. Remember that all high school students are going through this together and there will be an end, perhaps an even brighter future, ahead for all.

The article from Forbes linked below shines light on ways to be flexible and creative despite today’s uncertainty. Brennan Barnard offers ideas for seniors as they make their final decisions and for younger students as they move through the college application process.

Article referenced below originally published by Forbes on April 1, 2020, written by Brennan Barnard

Virtually Possible: Locking Down The College Search In A Global Pandemic

“This is virtually impossible!” my daughter blurts out from the next room, adding, “who thought geometry was important anyway?” “Actually,” I respond with my under-appreciated dad irony, ”it is virtually possible.” Deciding to spare her the lecture on how Euclid and Descartes thought geometry was pretty important, instead, I urge her to set up a virtual meeting with her teacher to work through her confusion with the theorem. This is the new normal for students throughout the country as they settle into pandemic-enforced distance learning. Young people are adapting to online classrooms and virtual meetings while also confronting the disappointment of missed opportunities at school and out in their world.

We are living in uncertain times, and as a high school educator, I am watching students (from my appropriate social distance) start to come to terms with the feelings of loss that the novel coronavirus has introduced into their lives. As the reality sets in of the short and long term changes this pandemic is bringing, they are experiencing a range of emotions. Time in class, in the halls, competing in sport, on stage, at prom and other hallmarks of spring in high school are quickly disappearing. While we must acknowledge the visceral feelings of loss young people are experiencing and support them, we must also encourage them to look for new opportunities and approaches to the milestones in their schooling and lives. One of these, for many high school juniors, is the search for a college. Despite the inevitable virus-induced challenges, it is virtually possible. Consider these tips for beginning your stay-at-home college search:

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