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Ethics and character at the heart of the college search

July 7th, 2020

The college admission scandal that was splashed across every major news outlet seems so 2019. However, this scandal shouldn’t be forgotten as it brought to light what was broken within the college admission process. The focus for college applicants has returned to what is most important: finding the right fit in the most honest and ethical way possible.

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I am in constant awe of my advisees and their parents within the Shrop Ed community. Intentions are always in the right place and the motivation and drive to succeed are impressive. The article linked below, from Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project, shares seven simple guidelines to help make this the most positive experience for all involved. Let’s all recommit to cultivating ethical character and do our best to reduce stress during this sometimes intense process of college admissions.

Article referenced below from Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project, published by the Harvard graduate school of education

For Families: Ethical Parenting in the College Admissions Process

Parents and other primary caregivers shape their children’s moral development in myriad ways. They also often influence every phase of the college preparation, search, and admissions process.

Yet the troubling reality is that a great many parents are fundamentally failing to prepare young people to be caring, ethical community members and citizens. That’s true in part because of the degree to which parents have elevated achievement and demoted concern for others as the primary goal of child-raising.

In the following seven guideposts, we explore specifically how parents can guide their teen ethically, reduce excessive achievement pressure, and promote key ethical, social, and emotional capacities in teens in the college admissions process.

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