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Engage! Become a more interesting individual (and a stronger college applicant) from the comfort of your own home

April 28th, 2020
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Being stuck at home doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for students to grow; you just have to think outside the box. While online instruction continues and we all wait for things to return to normal, the article below from Link for Counselors provides ideas that may help you develop new skills. Not only will trying new things add an interesting dimension to your life right now, it will also help your personal development and could equip you with enriching experiences to add to your college applications. So, if you have a little time on your hands, please read on!

Article referenced below published by Link for Counselors on April 15, 2020, written by Scott Garbini and Eric Endlich

Covid-Era College Prep

Normally, there are many ways for high school students to bolster their resumes and prepare for college application season: playing team sports, being active in school clubs, working in after-school jobs or summer internships, attending college fairs and touring campuses, to name a few. During the current pandemic, however, most of these traditional opportunities have vanished. What’s a teen to do?

Right now, focusing on the priorities of staying healthy, keeping up with coursework and earning solid grades already constitutes a full plate for many students, especially if they have additional responsibilities at home. But for those who wish to do more, there are various college prep possibilities even while sheltering in place. Engaging in productive activities may also enhance teens’ well-being. Here are some suggestions to get started:

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