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Demonstrated interest/authentic engagement matters

October 11th, 2022

College applications include many important components: rigor of curriculum, GPA, recommendations and essays are all at the top of the list, but one consideration that can sometimes slip through the cracks is “demonstrated interest.” Demonstrated interest, also referred to as “engagement,” is the degree to which you show you are truly interested in enrolling in a school.

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Engagement is the term I prefer as it encourages students to consider this as a two-way street. Colleges want students who are sincere about their interest, not just checking the boxes. Engaging in conversation with admission counselors, alumni or the simple act of following a university’s social media page is helpful for students, too, as they are looking for their right fit. There are many ways to engage genuinely with prospective schools and this article from Bucknell’s admissions blog lists some great ideas.

Many students have heard me say, “It’s only a green (or yellow) light if you demonstrate interest and engage. Take heed!

Article referenced below from Bucknell University published on June 14, 2021, written by Matt Hughes

What is Demonstrated Interest in College Admissions and How Do I Show It?

Every college has requirements in order to apply. You’ll need to submit your grades from high school and probably letters of recommendation, too. You may have to send standardized test scores and write at least one essay.

But there are more things you can do to improve your chance of getting into your top-choice school that aren’t captured on your formal college application. A lot of them fall into a category called “demonstrated interest,” a tool used by many — but not all — schools to try to predict how likely it is that a student they admit will enroll at their college.

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