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Completing applications over winter break? How to manage the stress

December 24th, 2018

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2019 to all!  As the month of December winds down, many students have already received admission decisions this month.  Congratulations to those who have been accepted Early Action or Early Decision!  I love hearing students’ news, no matter the outcome, so please continue to keep me in the loop as you receive admission decisions.

Winter break is here and while we hope you’re able to focus on family time and a little R&R, this hiatus is also perfect for students still wrapping up final applications for colleges and boarding schools.  Try to stay positive throughout this sometimes stressful process and remember to enjoy the time you have with friends and family.  The Wall Street Journal provides a wonderful article to help us remember to keep calm as deadlines are approaching.  (N.B. – although focused on college, portions of this article are also useful for students applying to boarding schools.) 

Parents, many of you have fully equipped students who are ready to make these important decisions and with this in mind, you might find this stressful time a little more enjoyable.

Article referenced below published on December 11, 2018 by The Wall Street Journal, written by Sue Shellenbarger 

It’s a monthslong ordeal that could change the course of a high school senior’s life, leading to a choice that could cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. No wonder the college-application season can torpedo the holidays for teens and their parents.

Many students labor to meet early-winter deadlines for college applications, often under the anxious eyes of their parents. The resulting stress can damage family relationships if parents fail to set good boundaries and keep their own anxieties in check.

Read more at Wall Street Journal >>

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