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College Essays: It’s Not Too Late to Start!

October 8th, 2015

While many seniors have already completed their college essays, others are still brainstorming and writing.  Some students wait to get started until deadlines are nigh; some have a hard time clearing a roadblock to reach a finished product.  If you’re still working or waiting, this article posted by US News may be helpful.  Author Devon Haynie gives us a look into essays from two students who were admitted to Johns Hopkins University. Haynie expresses important components to consider when writing your essay and gives detailed opinions on why she believes the two students’ essays were successful.

Article published September 9, 2015

Written by:  Devon Haynie

Writing a college essay could very well be the most high pressure part of the college application process.

At some point, there is little students can do about grades, extracurricular activities and what will and won’t be said in their recommendation letters. The essay is the one component of the application students can control fully, and provides one last chance to leave a lasting impression.

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