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May 16th, 2016

Graduation nears, and Shrop Ed’s high school seniors are celebrating! Because we’re often asked where our students enroll, this feels like the right time to share the list of admission offers our students received for fall of 2016:

Barnard C.*                              U. of Kentucky*                          Smith C.

Boston C.                                  Lewis & Clark C.                        Southern Methodist U.

Brandeis U.                             Macalester C.                              Stanford U.*

Carleton C.                              Miami U. (OH)*                          St. Edwards U.

Case Western Reserve U.         U. of Michigan                           U. of Tampa*

Centre C.                                  U. of Mississippi                         U. of Texas

Champlain C.*                        U. of Nebraska-Lincoln*           Texas Christian U.*

U. of Chicago                          Northeastern U.                          Tufts U.*

Clark U.                                   Occidental C.                              U. of Utah

Clarkson U.                             U. of Pennsylvania*                    U. of Vermont*

Colby U.                                   Princeton U.*                              U. of Virginia

U. of Colorado                        Reed C.                                         Washington and Lee U.

Columbia U.                           Rensselaer                                      Washington U.

U. of Denver*                         Rice U.                                           Wellesley C.

Emory U.                                 U. of Rochester                            Wesleyan C.*

Georgetown U.                       Rochester Institute of Tech.         Worcester Polytechnic I.

Harvard U.                              Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech.        Xavier U.

Harvey Mudd C.*                   U. of San Diego                                 Yale U.*

Asterisks indicate matriculation choices; in some cases, more than one of our students will enter in the fall.

I love this list! Why? Because it reflects a wide range of campus environments, selectivity and student bodies, encompassing state flagships and Ivies, liberal arts colleges and institutes of technology. Each student applied to a carefully considered group of schools reflecting ideal matches for him/her.

The national press makes much of students who receive multiple offers from the nation’s best-known colleges. Certainly we jump for joy, too, when our students receive such news. Yet colleges in that small subset are right for very few. We feel equal joy for our students who look in other directions and find less renowned colleges just right for their interests and goals, places where they’ll succeed, thrive, establish an excellent foundation for whatever comes later in life. Wouldn’t it be nice if the press celebrated these students and their colleges in the same way!

Several weeks ago, the Washington Post published an article written by a New Hampshire college advisor about the kinds of college choices he’d like to see celebrated in the press. We’re grateful to the Shrop Ed parent who brought it to our attention and hope you’ll follow this link for some interesting reading.

Article published April 26, 2016

Written by:  Valerie Strauss

Last month, Brennan Barnard, a college counselor at a private school in New Hampshire, wrote a piece on how the college admissions process for many students had become something akin to The Hunger Games. He wrote:

“In an ideal world, college preparatory education would encourage students who crave knowledge, seek community engagement, desire connection and live their values. We say we want our children to feel secure, be inspired and take risks with their curiosity. The reality of “The Hunger Games” comes closer to the truth, where students battle to survive in application pools seeming to demand perfection.”

Read more at The Washington Post >>

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