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Admitted! Now the ball is in your court

March 29th, 2022

After months of waiting for colleges to make their decisions, now you have been accepted and the ball is in your court. This certainly is a relief and calls for a celebration! As you look over your college acceptances, your final decision may be obvious.

But what if it’s not – how do you choose if you have the good fortune of multiple offers? There’s really no formula for deciding where to enroll, but the best approach is to focus on what matters most to you and choose accordingly. Sometimes going back to pen and paper and ranking your priorities is a good start. Consider whether academic and extracurricular programs line up with your own interests. Size, setting and campus life are things to take into account as well. If possible, do one more campus visit with a fresh perspective. Now that you’ve been accepted it may be easier to visualize yourself there.

Financial aid packages are a big factor for many students. These offers can vary significantly from college to college so make sure you take the time to analyze the differences, focusing on the actual net cost to your family. The article from College Raptor linked below can help you do just that.

Article referenced below from College Raptor, written by Morgan Staub, updated on June 2, 2021

How to Compare and Contrast Offer Letters from Different Colleges

Opening your first college acceptance letter will be, without a doubt, one of the most gratifying and exciting moments of your academic life. While most students have an idea of which colleges will accept them, it doesn’t feel real until you hold proof in your hand, showing that a university looked over your transcripts, letters, and overall profile and decided you fit their school. You think of Shakespeare’s line from Othello, “[they] had eyes, and chose me.” You’ve been accepted into a program of higher education, and, to top it off, they’re providing you with a generous offer letter! Now what?

While some students, specifically those who apply early decision, have decided to go to the first college that sends them an acceptance letter, a majority of students will receive multiple letters. It’s important to know how to compare and contrast these financial aid offer letters critically, closely, and make an informed decision regarding your future.

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