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Admission decisions tied to enrollment projections

March 16th, 2021

“Yield,” quite simply, is the percentage of students who accept a college’s offer of admission. This year, colleges are especially sensitive to how their projections are tracking to this metric both because of the economic pressure on their institutional budgets and the disruption that we know is shaping applicant behaviors.

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For seniors this information is significant, as colleges have been looking closely at your demonstrated interest and could put a lot of weight on points of digital interaction this year. With so many unknowns, common formulas colleges have used in the past may not be reliable, and new tools should be evaluated for efficacy.

According to Rick Clark at Georgia Tech, some colleges may be utilizing their wait-lists more extensively this year. In the article linked below, Clark walks us through how colleges are trying to predict yield in 2021 and offers advice on what to do as admission decisions begin rolling in.

Article referenced below from Georgia Tech, written by Rick Clark on February 25, 2021

Predicting Yield in 2021: Everyone Shorts It 

“$10 says he shorts it.” Just one of the countless quotable lines in the must– watch classic, Oceans 11. 

After assembling the perfect crew, stealing a massive explosive device, falsifying identities, and recreating identical vaults, the heist of three Las Vegas’ casinos comes down to the ability of Yen (Shaobo Qin) to pull off a 10-foot backflip and land squarely on top of a cabinet inside a heavily protected vault that contains $160 million. 

As the other members of Danny Oceans’ team watch from their secure location, Frank (Bernie Mac), says, “$10 says he shorts it.” While several of the crew jumped in to not only take the bet but raise the stakes during the simulated heist in their workshop, when it comes down to the real thing, they quickly and nervously reply, “No bet.”  

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