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A Test Run for Young Talent

February 18th, 2010

Lexmark, Alltech and Big Ass Fans may not have a great deal in common beyond the region in which they are headquartered. They are very different types of businesses run on very different business models. Yet, here’s one thing on which they all agree: internships are valuable.

Internships provide opportunities for companies to test young talent and for young talent to test the world of work. Billy Frey, who oversees Alltech’s marketing internship program, says that almost all new Alltech hires have previously interned with the company for three to 12 months. Each intern gets a “crash course in our culture and pace,” and interns and managers alike see plainly when the Alltech way is not a match. When it is a match, though, the internship experience can give the company a leg up in recruiting the employee.

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