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Comprehensive College Advising

Our Comprehensive College Advising service is a full partnership, and includes the following:

Initial interview: Our two-hour meeting with student and parent(s) defines educational priorities and objectives, making sure all parties agree on parameters and realistic paths.  With insight gained from experience in college admission offices, we’ll review academic records, extracurricular activities, test scores and more.  We’ll explore the student’s dreams and goals.

We felt that you rapidly figured out Jordan and handled him beautifully and were able to engage him in a way that a parent or grandparent would be incapable of … you rapidly gained his respect; motivated him; had firm expectations; a firm timeline of goals with some leeway; great communication… imparted a knowledgeable grasp of colleges with careful guidance … – Bob and Jo B., grandparents

We’ll explain how options are influenced by your child’s current educational interests, as well as by prior academic performance, accomplishments and other skills and abilities. We’ll discuss your financial and geographic considerations.  In a nutshell, we’ll establish a framework for the college search at hand.

College list: After the initial interview, when you’ve confirmed your interest in partnering for the college search, we’ll conduct research to compile a list of colleges most appropriate for your student’s specific interests and abilities.  Not every student is suited for the Ivy League, nor does a top ranking in a college guidebook or survey mean that a particular college is right for all individuals.  A student’s best college options are sometimes those less widely known.  We’ll consider all possibilities and prepare a focused list of suggestions.

Refining the list: As students discover more about the colleges on our initial list, we’ll suggest appropriate revisions.  We’ll encourage your family to focus attention on realistic choices, so that each application and each campus visit will make sense for the student.

Feedback for the candidate: We’ll help students understand how to highlight their own strengths, identifying their distinctive interests and accomplishments for emphasis in applications and essays.  We’ll conduct practice interviews and critique completed applications and essay drafts for students who wish us to do so.  We can’t guarantee admission.  What we can do is help students better understand how to convey their strengths and accomplishments clearly.

Meeting deadlines: We’ll help students track multiple deadlines for testing, applications and essays.

Decision options: Many students feel confused about the best admission timetable to use:  Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision.  We’ll help them understand the differences, and how to arrive at the right choice.

Enrollment choice: When admission offers arrive we’ll help students focus on important considerations for the final enrollment decision, with the best fit foremost in mind.

If you would like more information about any of our services, contact us here.