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Our Philosophy

You’ll benefit from our experience. More than a decade of college admissions experience prior to private practice influences our work with families. Each student receives personal, customized attention, in keeping with Shropshire Educational Consulting’s proven record of serving the best interest of each individual.

You had the ability to get my son to think about and say what he wanted from college education that he had not been able to articulate before. – Karma C., parent

Our commitment to continuing professional development and visiting campuses helps us guide families toward schools that match students’ academic and social objectives.  We want to see students thrive in their academic settings.

The right fit. That’s really what’s most important in our work with students at all ability levels, and with all types of academic and extracurricular interests.  Our interactions with students and parents help them understand what leads to a good match and what’s important in comparing choices.

Parents and educators know that some students thrive in competitive environments while others benefit from encouragement and support.  Recognizing each student’s personal learning style is of primary importance.  Other important factors including academic programs, geographic location, school size and extracurricular offerings also help to determine direction.

We’ll help you in your search by providing unbiased information about institutions’ strengths and weaknesses, and make sure you don’t overlook lesser-known options that may be ideal.  We’ll take the time and energy needed to help your family develop a solid and realistic set of goals for the search and application process, drawing your attention to schools that are truly good matches.

You’re facing important emotional and financial decisions as you begin your search for the right school.  We’ll pay attention to your family’s needs and share our highly relevant experience and expertise as we guide you.

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