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Boarding School

Opportunity. Known for bringing out the best in a student, boarding schools provide small class sizes, diverse curricula, individual attention and an academic environment that’s both nurturing and challenging.  More important, the boarding school experience helps students learn to think for themselves, set goals, accept responsibility and get along with others – essential skills for success in college and in life.

This school is such a perfect fit for her and would never have been on my radar screen without you. She felt right at home on re-visit day and has made new friends already!! It is already feeling like a second home to her and we are all very pleased. – Bobbi M., parent

Most schools now compete aggressively to recruit a diverse and capable student body.  We can identify boarding schools that offer near college-level experiences for students who are accomplished and eager for challenges.  We can also identify great matches for students not yet achieving their potential.  Many boarding schools offer significant academic support and structure that benefits students who are ready and willing to respond in a new environment.

Our boarding school advising serves students with a wide range of ability levels and interests.  We guide students toward schools offering a challenge appropriate to their level.

A comprehensive plan for boarding school admission

Initial interview: In our first meeting, we help you and your child talk about the person he or she is and wants to be – strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, favorite hobbies and proudest moments.  Together, we’ll define specific educational priorities and objectives, making sure we all agree on criteria that are appropriate and realistic.  We’ll also discuss the admission process and the benefits of boarding schools generally.

School list: After the initial interview, when you’ve confirmed your interest in partnering for the school search, we’ll explore boarding schools where your child’s dreams can be nurtured, tested, shaped and realized.  After conducting research, and talking with admission staff when appropriate, we’ll compile a focused list of schools that we feel are the best matches for your child’s specific interests and abilities.

We’ll develop school choices influenced by your child’s current educational interests, as well as by prior academic performance, accomplishments and other skills and abilities.  We’ll take into account your financial and geographic considerations.

Focusing the list: We’ll help you refine the initial list as you discover more about each school and we’ll suggest revisions to the list as appropriate.  We’ll encourage you to focus your efforts on realistic choices, so that each application and each campus visit will make sense for your child.

Logistics: We’ll walk you through application protocols, help you arrange interviews and school visits, send copies of records if appropriate and establish a timeline to help you and your child keep pace with application and testing deadlines.

Application process: We can’t guarantee a final result.  What we can do is help students understand how to convey their strengths.  We’ll review academic records, extracurricular activities and test scores to pinpoint your child’s most distinctive attributes.

We’ll help students learn how to present themselves effectively in applications, essays and interviews.  When appropriate, we’ll contact schools on your behalf to make sure your child’s application is complete and solicit feedback.

Enrollment choice: When admission offers arrive, we can help your family arrive at a final enrollment decision.

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